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Ready for an Adventure 

At Mountaineer Safari, we offer unique, informative, and interactive educational experiences. Learning up close and personal with one of our qualified experts is the best way to understand our animals. No matter your age or your background, there are always opportunities to cultivate your knowledge of animals and nature at Mountaineer Safari. Please get in touch today to find out more.

Experiences: Experiences

Traveling Petting Zoo

Everything You Need to Know

Experience nature in all its glory with our amazing Traveling Petting Zoo. We take great pride in making our visitors active participants. We offer serval different sizes to accommodate for your event. Let you visit animals from 6 of the different continents. Interested in finding out more about this special experience and getting us for your event Contact us today.


Animal Encounters

Into the Wild

Explore all the amazing elements the animal world has to offer through our Animal Encounters.  We take education very seriously, which is why we are always updating our animal exhibit factsheets as you can see on the animal enclosure signs. We want to give the opportunity that is rare to interact with some of our ambassador animals. Animals vary at times but we make it so you can purely enjoy being in the Mountaineer Safari moment.


Animal Feeding

Experience Wildlife

Give yourself the opportunity to discover and explore the wonderful world of the animal kingdom. Our Animal Feeding is interactive and involves special activities, enriching participants’ lives through education and fun. Mountaineer Safari guarantees visitors an interesting and exciting educational experience. Curious to find out more? Get in touch with us today.


Pony Rides

Giddy up cowboy 🐴

Do you have kids that just always wanted to ride a pony or unicorn? Well it’s you lucky day we can make that happen. High up in the saddle and a few hand led laps around the arena your kid will be in heaven. Book us today to be the talk of the neighbor hood for having the best event ever with pony rides!


Educational Show

Learning on the Wild Side

Our main goal in this industry is to educate the public. Why animals are important in captivity, what all of us breeders, and zoos have done for animals in the wild. Do you want to have a fun day for students but still be educational we have the perfect program for you. Not just schools but camps, birthday parties, or any event you can think of. Get to interact and learn about animals from 6 different continents here with mountaineer safari 


Register for a program or event today. You don’t want to miss out on any of the action!

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